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About the Madison Community Band

"Let's Make Beautiful Music Together"

The Madison Community Band is an all-volunteer community band based in Richmond, Kentucky.

Established in July 2009, the band is under the direction of its founder, Dr. John Stroube. Following a dinner meeting held at Logan's Roadhouse in Richmond, Dr. Stroube, H. Brent Barton, Larry Barton, Dr. Ken Haddix, and Marc Whitt discussed the dream of a community band in Madison County, which soon became a reality.

The band first met in the fall of 2009 with approximately 30 members. Since then, the Madison Community Band has grown to its present-day size of about 80 members. These members represent various ages and professions - from college students, physicians, university faculty and administrators, and civic leaders to business people, homemakers, public school teachers, music educators, and retirees. Members come from several communities across Central and Southeastern Kentucky. 

The band's concert season typically includes two performances in the fall (October and December), two in the spring (February and April), and two in the summer (June and August).  Rehearsals are typically held on five or six Sunday evenings in Richmond before each concert performance.

A proud member of the Association of Concert Bands, the Madison Community Band does not require an audition or registration fee, but expects members to be proficient on their instrument. Those interested in joining the ranks of the Madison Community Band are invited to contact Dr. Stroube.

The Madison Community Band has performed nearly 70 concerts since its inaugural season, with performances including two appearances at the Great American Brass Band Festival in Danville, Kentucky, and the International Town & Gown Association's 2012 annual conference in Richmond, whose audience members represented higher education and civic leaders in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

"Our youngest musicians are teenagers, and our oldest members are at or approaching 90 years of age, with the bulk of the band's makeup in between," Dr. Stroube said. "It's a wonderful blend of ages and talents that always result in well-executed performances. Musicians come to us from various backgrounds, and one purpose of the band is to offer a comfortable, rewarding musical experience. We want to share the joy of live concert music with volunteer musicians and those who come to hear us play."

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